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A Center for Growth

Peter Seimas Ph.D. Inc.

Dr. Seimas, utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Strategic Intervention Therapy (called Human Needs Psychology or HNP) for individuals, couples, families, and groups.    


Dr. Seimas' scope of specialization lies within the range of pastoral counseling in: Marriage and Family Counseling, Couples Counseling, Individual Counseling, Co-Parent Counseling, Catholic/Christian Marriage Preparation, Daily Living Issues, Interpersonal Issues, Effective Parenting, Substance Abuse, Sex Addiction, Spousal Sexual Abuse Recovery, Transforming Relationships, Strategic Success, Self-Perception Issues, Overcoming Loss, Depression, Anger, Anxiety, Increasing Peak Performance, Health and Weight Loss issues, and guidance in times of crisis.


Over 20 Years Experience 

Dr. Seimas works within the pastoral marriage and family counseling model, including the practice of Real-Time Human Transformation, drawing upon his education and knowledge in: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Strategic Intervention Therapy, Personal and Couples Coaching Interventions.

Some of his areas of specialty include:

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Marriage Education

  • Divorce Prevention/Mediation

  • Dealing with Marital and Relationship Issues

  • OCD: Scrupulosity OCD, Religious OCD, Sexual OCD & All Subtypes of OCD

  • Sex Addiction Therapy

  • Partner Sexual Abuse Recovery

  • Being a true communicator- business, family, and friends, dealing with conflict

  • Finding your own core strengths, learning and understanding decisions you have made in the past, how to become resourceful and deal with new challenges, in business and personal life dealing with financial and organizational challenges

  • Dealing with and managing problems

  • Getting real commitment, virtual - total emotional control

  • Building trust and passion, generating genuine health-inner and outer

  • Managing and attaining goals, creating good habits, overcoming issues that cause bad habits and self-sabotage

  • Guiding, mentoring, and coaching others, and getting yourself and groups organized in times of crisis.



Dr. Seimas utilizes Faith, Spirituality and Cognitive Behavior Therapy  - utilizing the TheraScribe Treatment Planner, Strategic Intervention, Human Needs Psychology (HNP), &

American Association for Sex Addiction Methodologies in treatment.


This means that he works with the understanding of the power of meaning to shape all aspects of a human being’s life. By discovering what drives you, you can more easily understand your past decisions, to be more proactive in the decisions you make regarding your future.


Dr. Seimas also works with the connection between the neurological processes, language and behavioral patterns learned through experience; He works to change them to achieve specific goals in life. He does believe that the skills of exceptional people can be “modeled,” and that those skills can be acquired, to some degree, by many others.


Dr. Seimas works to treat problems such as phobias, depression, habit disorder, psychosomatic illnesses, and learning disorders, to name a few. The overall objective of therapy is usually the successful resolution of the problems that are deemed the most important through a collaborative process.


Dr. Seimas assists clients in understanding how their neurological processes, language and behavioral patterns result in outcomes and leverage HNP to increase the probability of desired outcomes. He also employs instruction and modeling of language skills, role-playing, thought restructuring, visualization, and between-session, interactive assignments. 


Clients must make their own decisions regarding such things as deciding to marry, separate, divorce, reconcile and how to set-up custody and visitation.  That is, he will help to teach you of the possibilities and consequences of decisions.



Appointments are usually scheduled once a week, with the first session devoted to gathering necessary information. 


Call (408) 590-5847 to schedule your appointment today.



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